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Posted on March 27, 2020 at 2:31 PM
As you can guess All trips will be cancelled for 3 weeks maybe more pending government sanctions and peoples lifes !! 
Lets do the right thing and STAY AT HOME 

The quicker we beat this the quicker we can get back at sea enjoying what our waters have to offer and getting back to normal

When the Corona Virus finally exhausts itself and the danger is over, let's do something good for our country,
Let's spend our holidays in England, eat in local restaurants, buy British products, buy local meats and veggies and support local businesses what ever they are. These businesses are going to find it very difficult to get back on their feet and survive without our help. They're suffering badly now and i am one of those along with many others. 
Our products and services are some of the best in the world. Our country is one of the most beautiful.
on a positive note by the time we all get back out afloat the fishing it will be amazing with the hounds tope skate bass rays mackerel and more well and truly here with the fine weather it will be fantastic.
while all this is going on and we are on lock down protecting the NHS and helping to save life's i get to spend some well needed quality time with my family and keep them safe 
take care and stay safe everyone see you all soon 


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